Sunday, November 23, 2008

Halloween and Tractors

Here are a few pictures from about the past month.  
Grayson dressed up as a bat for halloween.  It took a little effort to get him into the costume. Talk about playing mind games.  Grandma Donna had to put it on her head and dance around the house trying to "fly away."
It worked.  

We also carved pumpkins this year.  Of course Grayson had to help.  Once I had the top opened up and ready to be emptied he wasn't so sure.  It didn't seem quite right to be sticking his hands in that pumpkin.  After he saw me pulling the guts out a couple of times he wanted to do it and nobody else.

Grayson got to ride on a tractor about a week before Halloween.  He loved it.   A guy my family has known for many years took him out with his crew for a bit one day.  

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