Sunday, November 23, 2008

Date with Nemos

Somebody likes sushi...  Will, Katie, Grayson and I went to the mall to do some shopping. When we got done we decided to get dinner somewhere and that somewhere was a sushi place.  I was a little hesitant since Grayson was coming with us.  We ended up telling him we were going to go eat Nemos.  He thought this was great.  Apparently some dots havent been connected yet.  So we ordered him some chicken and we got the sushi.  He LOVES sushi, or maybe its the idea of eating Nemos.  I dont know.  He hardly touched the chicken.

Halloween and Tractors

Here are a few pictures from about the past month.  
Grayson dressed up as a bat for halloween.  It took a little effort to get him into the costume. Talk about playing mind games.  Grandma Donna had to put it on her head and dance around the house trying to "fly away."
It worked.  

We also carved pumpkins this year.  Of course Grayson had to help.  Once I had the top opened up and ready to be emptied he wasn't so sure.  It didn't seem quite right to be sticking his hands in that pumpkin.  After he saw me pulling the guts out a couple of times he wanted to do it and nobody else.

Grayson got to ride on a tractor about a week before Halloween.  He loved it.   A guy my family has known for many years took him out with his crew for a bit one day.  

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Napping Location

I have a lot more to update on but its late and I just really wanted to post this.  This picture was taken in our kitchen today.  You can see the legs of our table and chairs in the picture.  All his idea.  He had originally wanted his 10-15 stuffed animals that are usually on his bed out on the floor with him.   At the time he brought them out I thought he really wasnt serious.  Like all two year olds they think they want something but really its the opposite.  Once he laid down it was maybe five minutes at the most and he was out. I am really surprised he wanted to sleep there.  He has always slept in his bed.  Whatever it was really cute.  When he woke up he had forgotten where he was and why he was there. There were tears.  I will try and update sometime this week.  I have more pictures to post since I last wrote anything.