Sunday, September 14, 2008

1st Post

We have slowly been working on using the potty.  So far no action in the big potty but we like to hang out there sometimes.  Unfortunately he has flushed a few wash clothes down the toilet too.  He just flushed wash cloth #2 this morning.  I was in another room and I heard the toilet flush and he came in to let me know that he had flushed a wash cloth for me.  Thanks...

This is basically how our whole weekend is going. Rainy and wet.  We have been bumming around the apartment.  I have been cleaning the apartment and Grayson has been helping by demolishing whatever wherever I have been. 
Yesterday was the Iowa, Iowa State football game. Grayson thought he wanted to watch it but about 3 minutes into the game he decided he wanted to watch one of his DVDs instead.  We ended up going to Target so I could get my Starbucks and Grayson could get his Thomas the Train movie.  When we got home I was surprised to learn that he has no interest in the movie... Just the idea of the movie I guess.  I am hoping this is just one of his stubborn moments.  Knowing him, he will end up loving the movie in like 2 days.  
Lately Grayson has really been interested in playing catch.   I will be going to t-ball games sooner than I think.  He has a pretty good arm.  He is pretty impressed with himself especially when he catches one.  It's all about the hand - eye coordination...

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