Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just an average middle of the week day, except Aunt Katie came back to Eldridge a day early.  It was my mom's birthday today so Katie decided to hang out with her today.  That also meant that Katie got to hang out with Grayson a little bit too.  She came over to our apartment tonight and Grayson got to show her lots of things like his bed and his little hiding space underneath it. He is a master at climbing in and closing the door without pinching his fingers.   He got a little crazy and nutty while she was here.  I thought he would never fall asleep tonight.  He is really into giving hugs and kisses before he falls asleep now too.  I had given him a kiss the other night and left the room. He called out for me a few minutes later and so I went back in and I was like what now??? and he goes KISS!!!! He still had to give me a kiss.  Grayson's other new thing is being a back seat driver.  I think every time we are going anywhere especially if I am parking or backing out anywhere he says "watch out mommy."  Sometimes he is screaming it like that one time in rush hour traffic.  I was merging onto I-80 off of the 61 exit.... I almost peed my pants.  

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