Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still Here

I haven't written in forever.  Still here.  Grayson is talking better and better each day. He is getting a lot better about knowing his numbers and letters.  He surprises me everyday.  Picking out numbers and letters throughout our daily life activities such as standing in line at the grocery store and pointing out the check out lane number lights.  He is still really into trains.  Loves Mario Cart.  He is into the movies Happy Feet and Sandlot.  Tells me he loves me everyday.... which I don't mind.  Still really stubborn.  Can't tell him to do anything, especially using the potty for the life of me.  Loves to jump off of anything he can stand on.  We took him to a River Bandits game a month or so ago.  He loved it.  Hopefully I can get him back there again this season.  He met the mascot, got to eat a hot dog, got to go out of the stadium and watch a train go by, and watched fireworks.  It was a good time.  We watched the Blue Angels this past weekend.  He thought that was pretty neat as well. The picture above is from the weekend.  I believe he was looking for the planes.  

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Katie said...

YAY UPDATE!!!! = ) Thanks.